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Basic Rider Course - $179.00 (This is the class to get your license)
This course is designed for beginning riders of all ages.  The Basic Rider Course consists of 15 hours of instruction including approximately 5 hours in the classroom and 10 hours of intense riding on the parking lot range.  This course will teach you how to operate a motorcycle safely, and strongly emphasizes the special skills and mental attitude required for dealing with every day riding.

Experienced Rider Course - $75.00
This one day course, typically held on Saturdays or Sundays, is for riders who already own and ride a motorcycle and are interested in state-of-the-art motorcycle handling techniques or just brushing up on their safe street riding skills.  Increasing numbers of seasoned riders are coming to the Experienced Rider Course to fine-tune their riding and mental skills needed for survival in traffic.

One on One Training Classes - $100.00 (2 Hours) Call to Register.
This is a class designed by the student.  It can be a 2 or 4 hour class to learn the basics prior to the basic rider course, or whatever the student feels necessary to learn to ride safe.

Students/Riders must provide and wear the following protective 
equipment during the riding sessions.

  • DOT approved helmets. (loaners available)
  • Long pants. (denim jeans recommended)
  • Shoes or boots that cover the ankles.
  • Full fingered gloves.
  • Chair to sit in.
  • Shirt or jacket with long sleeves.
  • Eye protection. (Face shield, sun glasses or prescription eyewear)
  • Sun Block (optional)
  • Rain Suit (optional)

Motorcycle and Helmet are provided for the class.

3 Day Class Schedule
Thursday 6-9pm Gainesville Harley (Classroom)
Saturday 6:30am - Noon (Riding / Classroom)
Sunday 6:30am - Noon (Riding / Classroom)

2 Day Class Schedule
Saturday 7:30am - 11am (Classroom)
Saturday Noon - 5pm (Riding)
Sunday 7:30am - 11am (Classroom)
Sunday Noon - 5pm (Riding)

3 Day Night Class
Thursday 6-9pm Gainesville Harley (Classroom)
Friday 4:30pm - 10pm (Riding / Classroom)
Saturday 4pm - 10pm (Riding / Classroom)

Contact Us 352-494-1775
Scooter Class Coming Soon!

4 Hour Class for under 50cc Scooters.