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Welcome to Gainesville Motorcycle Safety Training 
News & Events
Basic Rider Class 2 Day or 3 Day $235.00

We provide you with a motorcycle and helmet for the class.
You will need to bring the following with you for the riding session:
** Long Pants (No Sweatpants)
** Sturdy Over The Ankle Footwear (Shoes or Boots)
** Long Sleeve Shirt or Jacket
** Eye Protection  ** Full Finger Gloves  ** Rainsuit (Optional)
** Students who are not in proper riding attire will not be allowed to take the riding sessions.**

3 Day Class Schedule
Thursday 6-9 pm Gainesville Harley (Classroom)

Saturday and Sunday riding at 3501 NE 12th Street.

Saturday 6:45 am - Noon (Riding / Classroom)
Sunday 6:45 am - 1100 (Riding/ classroom)

2 Day Class Schedule
3501 NE 12th Street (Classroom and Riding)
Saturday 7:00am - 11am (Classroom)
Saturday Noon - 5pm (Riding)
Sunday 1100 - 4pm (Riding)

Contact Us  352-494-1775
Information on the 2 and 3 Day classes.
Scooter Training $125 for 2 Hours $200 for 4 hours.
​We are closed Father's Day Weekend, Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers.
We are switching over to E-Books for students to download.
The books will be in a Kindle's eBooks format. After Class purchase, codes will be included in your e-mail to download your Basic Rider Course book from Amazon.
Please contact us if you have any questions about this.
Saturday and Sunday 6:00 AM-5:00 PM Monday CLOSED.  Tuesday-Wednesday 9:00 AM-6 P.M.   Thursday-Friday 9:00 AM-6 P.M.